Shanghai, July 5, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via – CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (“CITIC Telecom”, SEHK:1883), Asia-Pacific leading multinational internet-oriented telecommunications enterprise, has joined hands with its subsidiaries including Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau, S.A.R.L. (“CTM”), CITIC Telecom CPC, China Entercom and ACCLIVIS in South East Asia to exhibit at 2024 WAIC (World AI Conference) for three years in a row. Under the unified planning of CITIC Group, CITIC Telecom showcases the latest achievements in the high-quality development of AI and industry integration, digitalization for enterprises in the “Belt and Road” Initiative, and the generation of “new driving forces” for cutting-edge globalized innovative solutions.

This year, CITIC Group showcases in the “Application Empowerment” exhibition zone, presenting the integrating advantages of “Technologies, Industries, Finance” under the theme “Smart CITIC: Creating Possibilities Together”, demonstrating the deep integration of AI across diverse business areas, effectively illustrating the wisdom and power of CITIC Group in driving the high-quality development of the digital economy.

As an important component in the new consumption segment and a key strategic pillar of the “Belt and Road” business of CITIC Group, CITIC Telecom showcases “AI+” and “China-France Corridor” digitalization as the theme in the CITIC Group’s “AI+ Computing Network” exhibition zone, focusing on displaying innovative technologies such as AI, big data, AR, as well as extensive global ICT resources advantages. With the best application practices in different industries, CITIC Telecom helps enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journey through the “Going Global” and “Entering China” strategy, continuous development of digitalization in the “Belt and Road” Initiative, transforming “from ideas into actions”, and “from a vision into reality”.

“AI+” Initiative Empowers New Industrial Digitalization

AI has been elevated to a national strategy in recent years. Not only has it made significant progress in technological development, data-driven solutions and policy support, but has also deepened its integration across various vertical industries. In this year’s Government Report, the “AI+” initiative is propelled for the first time. CITIC Group seizes the strategic opportunity of AI, fosters the in-depth integration of AI with industrial development, and accelerates the cultivation of new-quality productivity and modernized industrial digitalization system. During this year’s WAIC, CITIC Group holds a press conference to announce the launch of the “AI+ Action Plan” campaign which is jointly driven by CITIC Telecom and its subsidiaries including CITIC Telecom CPC and China Entercom, etc.

China Entercom’s Senior Director of Data Science and Innovation Mr. Adan Zhan delivered an insightful speech on “Global DICT Service Solutions ” at the “CITIC Solutions Accelerate Industry Transformation” session. He emphasized that under new development initiatives such as the “Belt and Road” and “Going Global”, enterprise globalization should focus on the optimization and compliance of value propositions.  Enterprises need to continuously enhance their “Going Global” models by transforming from exporting products to production capacity, ultimately leading to a comprehensive transformation of their business models. During this process, we have to leverage our own advantages to provide not only flexible and modularized capabilities of “Cloud, Network, Security” DICT services, but also utilize emerging technologies such as AI to empower enterprises and develop application scenarios tailored to different industries, creating new values for enterprises.

In addition, CITIC Telecom CPC and China Entercom have collaborated with CITIC Dicastal, a key member of CITIC Group’s advanced intelligent manufacturing business sector and the world’s leading aluminum wheel manufacturer, to launch a new “AI+” Action Plan to jointly develop a big industry model for aluminum automotive parts.

As the first lighthouse factory in the global aluminum wheel industry, CITIC Dicastal upholds the mission of driving high-end, intelligent and green development. CITIC Dicastal actively implements the “Belt and Road” Initiative and has initiated the “Going Global” process for Chinese enterprises.  Mr. Layton Lok, Chief Vice President of CITIC Telecom CPC, said, “China Entercom and its parent company CITIC Telecom CPC are delighted to collaborate with such an industry leader, building a secure, efficient and fast data highway and a global interconnected network for CITIC Dicastal’s globalized, digital and intelligent operations and management.”

The big industry model for aluminum automotive parts co-created by the two parties will utilize AI and big data technologies together with CITIC Dicastal’s years of deep expertise in the manufacturing sector to enable AI-driven Manufacturing, Process Optimization, R&D Design, Operational Decision-Making, Green and Low-Carbon development for vertical industries, enhancing production efficiency and intelligence, and upgrading the entire industry chain of smart manufacturing. China Entercom provides “AI+ Security” capabilities, refines real-time response alerts and develops interconnection across global factories of CITIC Dicastal while effectively monitoring information security threats on a global scale, especially in Belt and Road region.  Together, these initiatives strengthen the cornerstone of information security, forging a new era for the “Lighting House”.  

“China-France Corridor” Fosters New Digitalization Development

At the center of CITIC Group’s exhibit zone is “China-France Corridor”, which showcases the achievements of CITIC Telecom in empowering enterprises in China and France over the years. Mr. Dickson Ip, Chief Technology Officer of CITIC Telecom, said “This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. Europe is also one of the important regions for CITIC Telecom’s resources distribution. We therefore set up the “China-France Corridor” special exhibition area to depict both countries’ cooperation progress in digital innovation.”

CITIC Telecom has intensified its collaboration with French enterprises over the years and has great achievements in empowering them and attracting them “Entering China”.  This seamless connection of global operations includes various industries, such as world-class luxury and retail brands, automotive parts and high-end manufacturing vendors, and media and professional services companies. CITIC Telecom’s “Cloud, Network, Security” integrated platform has enabled several prestigious French companies to set foot in China, deepen their roots in China, and provide services in China. CITIC Telecom also strives to foster Chinese companies to “Going Global” and open up France’s market by providing extensive ICT resources and local technical support, enabling strong and secure interconnection between Chinese and French companies, and contributing to the acceleration of the global digital economy.

A typical reference case of in-depth integration of AI and corporate business is an intelligent project from a leading multinational manufacturing company. Leveraging AI and big data platform, China Entercom team provides AI-driven material forecasting solution for the customer’s global supply chain system to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The team plans to increase the accuracy of the forecasting system to over 80% in the next 6 months. The solution integrates market dynamics, historical sales data, seasonal factors and macroeconomic indicators, and utilizes machine learning algorithms to predict market demand fluctuations.

Mr. Dickson Ip added, “CITIC Telecom strives to continue acting as a bridge and link, using innovative digital technologies to explore more collaboration opportunities with French companies in smart manufacturing, smart retail and smart cities sectors.”

Empowering Digitalization in “Belt and Road” Initiative with New Achievements and Strengthening Momentum for Various Industries

The key to the “Belt and Road” Initiative is interconnectivity. Since its launch, CITIC Telecom has actively implemented the Initiative, and has always adhered to “Going Global” and “Entering China” strategy. Apart from expanding and optimizing its own global ICT resources, CITIC Telecom is also actively exploring the deep integration of new-generation technologies such as AI+ cloud, network and security. CITIC Telecom is committed to being a partner in global corporate digitalization under the “Belt and Road” Initiative, supporting the global development of Chinese and foreign enterprises across different industries.

CITIC Telecom has a worldwide footprint covering 160 countries and regions on 5 continents around the world. Its global network resources connect nearly 170 points of presence (POPs), 21 cloud service centers, 30+ data centers, three dedicated 24×7 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and over 600 service partners globally, offering superior delivery capabilities for customers and fortifying our Global-Local strategy.

The new achievements of digitalization in the “Belt and Road” Initiative include helping Chinese companies such as CRRC Corporation, CITIC Dicastal[1],NIO[2], Zijin Mining[3], Anton Oilfield Services Group[4]“Going Global” to increase global network coverage (especially in countries along the “Belt and Road”), improve operational management, reduce costs and enhance efficiency, implement cutting-edge technology applications, and expand their global market footprint. On the other hand, leveraging over 20 years of expertise in China, CITIC Telecom supports more foreign enterprises to transform technologies into business values, and achieve long-term stability and growth in China.

CITIC Telecom has enabled over 3,000 enterprises “Going Global” and “Entering China”, and has served more than 40,000 local enterprise customers. Over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies are CITIC Telecom’s customers.

Mr. Layton Lok added, “No matter Chinese companies go global or foreign companies open up China market, they all bring positive impacts to local market and mutual development. The high-end intelligent automotive aluminum parts manufacturing base project built by CITIC Dicastal in Morocco of North Africa has created more than 1,800 jobs for the local people. A French-owned industry’s beauty giant has set up its North Asia headquarters in Shanghai. Powered by our digital solutions, the beauty giant has better market expansion and coverage in the Yangtze River Delta, and also address the integrated development needs of the Yangtze Delta.”

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AI is one of the key digital technologies nowadays. Its deep integration across different industries and innovative applications enables the enhancement of value and transformation for enterprises. Visit CITIC Telecom booth H1-B101 to witness our innovative achievements, and jointly explore the integration and new practices of digital technologies.

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