KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 17, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Kieslect (or the “Company”) is a trendsetting brand of smart, wearable products, raging its way across the world, and now available in Malaysia. The brand officially debuts two fashionable and brilliant smartwatches, the Kieslect Kr2 and Ks2. The award-winning models received the Muse Design Award 2023, Kr2 and the New York Product Design Award 2023, Ks2. The international competitions aim to push the boundaries of what is possible, to inspire others with elevated designs.

Kieslect Kr2-Muse Design Award
Kieslect Kr2-Muse Design Award
Kieslect Ks2-New York Product Design Award
Kieslect Ks2-New York Product Design Award

Ms. Wei Lee, General Manager of Kieslect Malaysia, said, “Introducing Kr2 and Ks2 by Kieslect, where innovation meets elegance, we are thrilled to bring our cutting-edge technology and timeless design to Malaysia. Get ready to redefine your connection to time, health, and style. Welcome to a smarter tomorrow.”

Designed for speed, both the Kr2 and Ks2 are differentiated by the “dual core” chipset technology, clock speeds operating at high and low (240Mhz and 96Mhz), then vacillates between tasks, to increase performance, reduce power consumption, leading to a pleasant user experience. The two CPUs contribute to the triple speed in flawless connectivity, fast response, and uncompromised efficiency.

Stunning sites can be seen, provided by the 2.5D GPU (graphics processing unit) on the AMOLED displays at 60 FPS (frames per second) refresh rate for more colourful and realistic graphics, stronger and more dynamic 3D effects, animation playback. Displays boasts 1000 NITs for easy viewing in sunlight, Always-On Display (AOD). Kieslect’s 2-in-1 calling module and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity eliminate the complicated multi-step setup of other smartwatches in place of a simple, single-step pairing for a hassle-free smartwatch experience. These smartwatches look good while exercising, at play and at work, with over 100 pre-programmed sports modes, 24/7 health management based on monitoring heart rate, stress test, SpO2 measurements and menstrual cycle reminders for women.

Two straps are included with the Kr2 and Ks2, one magnet quick release and a black silicone pin and buckle. The Kr2 and Ks2 accomplishes health monitoring via advanced biometric sensors. Capable of collecting 35% more data and greater accuracy than previous generation sensors. LEDs and PDs, make-up the PPG (photoplethysmogram), to deliver data to the Kieslect’s sophisticated heart rate algorithm. All of this is driven by the Kieslect OS.

This is where the similarities end, and the deltas begin; the shape, screen size, weight and water-resistance are the most notable:

The Ks2 provides a few additional health features such as Body Energy monitoring. Utilizing data of activity, stress, heart rate and sleep, it correlates these factors into a scored percentage. 1 Tap to measure 3 Health Metrics to measure heart rate, blood oxygen and stress in 30 seconds to get an instant snapshot of health and wellbeing.

Mr. William Yeo, Investor Relations Manager, and avid basketball player said, “The Ks2 is the perfect companion piece for my lifestyle; every notification and reminder are available whether in a meeting, reviewing a prospectus or on the court. Knowing my health statistics truly benefits my day-to-day experience, taking a break to decompress or pushing myself harder, my Ks2 provides the insights I need to achieve my optimum performance.”

The ever-stylish Kieslect Kr2 and Ks2 are sure to add the right look and functions to your life. From the classroom to the boardroom, on the green or in the gym Kieslect is sure to capture eyes and health data.

Kieslect Kr2 and Ks2 launches in Malaysia on 17 January 2024, and is available for RM499 at the Shopee Official Store and the following retailers- Goldblitz Sdn Bhd, SS Solution, MMG Distribution, and MG Digital Store.

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About Kieslect 

Kieslect was established in 2015 with a passion for style and technology. Its goal was to create smart wearable solutions that seamlessly fuse cutting-edge technology with forefront design and provide exceptional value to users worldwide. Kieslect quickly gained recognition for its fashion-forward smart watches, which enable both men and women to express their unique sense of style.

Kieslect is committed to pushing the boundaries of fashion-forward smart wearable technology. The Company continues to innovate and strive for excellence in pursuit of delivering the best experience to users. Now, Kieslect products are available in 68 countries and embraced by 12 million users worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.kieslect.com and follow Kieslect on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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