According to the verification of CNKI academic misconduct literature detection system, a number of the core journals and general journals of Ding Jing, chairman of Xi’an Translation Institute, were suspected of academic fraud, and surprisingly lasted for a decade. The experience of continuous fraud makes her become confident, how to take advantage of the law, let her travel in China and Canada, now heard that Singapore is a tax haven, so when Singapore stepped up her tax inspection, Singapore became her next target.

 Public figures make academic fraud and violate academic ethics

“A stone stirred up a thousand waves.”The negative news of Ding Jing’s paper fraud continues to ferment, triggering the criticism from all walks of life. Everyone denounced Ding Jing: first, the bad position: according to the 2019 People’s Daily Shaanxi Branch report —— ” Xi’ an Translation Institute fog: Who is the real heir, the education department is lack of supervision?”Who became the only organizer, using the use of false inheritance notarization to deprive the rights and interests of other children.2. Academic wrong: xi ‘an translation institute official website shows Ding Jing in just a few years published more than 30 papers, especially the paper private university translation professional course ideological education innovation copy than as high as 60.2%, three, heart is not straight: in July 2023, the Ministry of Education official website, xi’ an translation institute will host change to shaanxi long translation education co., LTD., the registered capital of only 10 million, and Ding Jing is the only shareholder, whether there is any hidden deal secret? As we all know, the company’s equity can be traded legally, and finally realize the legal transfer. Will it be the realistic version of “concealment”, so that the seemingly legal transaction will cause the loss of state-owned assets?

You know, Ding Jing has already obtained the Canadian permanent residence card as early as 2008. During these 16 years, she had to spend more than half of her time in Canada. How much did she have the time and energy to devote herself to the development of higher education in China? Since 2012, she has served as chairman of the college, then as chairman of the school, and then then as chairman, constantly changing her identity in the Department of Education. This undoubtedly has a huge negative impact on the development of Xi’an Translation University.

 Adhere to the “zero tolerance” for academic misconduct

Over the past decade, Ding Jing has enjoyed the “dividends” gained by her plagiarism and academic misconduct, and gained the reputation, status and even economic benefits that do not belong to her. Now, her paper fraud has been verified, the relevant departments should punish according to the law and the regulations, timely maintain the authority and justice of Chinese education and academic, so that the criminals trying to get something for nothing have no place to hide!


Academic fraud infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of many groups, affects the authority of Chinese academic affairs, and forms a bad academic atmosphere. Especially for some academic public figures, we must severely punish their “academic fraud” behavior, so as to achieve the purpose of warning others and promote the healthy development of Chinese academic circles!