Can frequent ear cleaning put you at risk of hearing loss? Does your knee hurt after you have started a new exercise routine?

Get advice on these health topics from medical experts and specialists from Gleneagles Hospital as they share important information about common and not-so-common health conditions and procedures with the radio hosts of The Big Show.

The One FM Good Morning Doctor podcast series, presented by SPH Media radio station One FM, recently partnered with doctors from the hospital to provide listeners with useful information on topics ranging from painful periods and why being over-zealous about exercising can strain your knees, to the benefits of metabolic surgery for some patients and how cleaning your ears with a Q-tip can lead to hearing loss.

Here are highlights of the podcast series: 

Painful periods are often misunderstood. What causes menstrual pain?

One reason for painful periods is endometriosis which causes periods to take place outside the womb. This can occur in the bladder and, in very rare cases, even on the chest and in the skin. In this podcast episode, Dr Anthony Siow, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Gleneagles Hospital, tells us more about the first signs of endometriosis as well as some of its causes. 

Listen to the full podcast here

If your knee is hurting often, find out what’s behind the pain and how you can take care of them better.

Having an exercise routine is always good for your health. But starting on a new one too enthusiastically can result in micro injuries building up in your knees and giving your body less time to repair them. Dr Lingaraj Krishna, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Gleneagles Hospital, shares other factors contributing to knee injuries and the non-surgical treatment options available. 

Listen to the full podcast here