SINGAPORE – The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) was recognised for its 30 years of collaboration with Indonesia in strengthening bilateral ties.

On Wednesday (Aug 17), Indonesia’s Ambassador to Singapore Suryo  Pratomo presented the Adinata Award to the non-profit organisation at a ceremony held at the Indonesian embassy in Chatsworth Road.

The event was to mark Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day, which fell on Aug 17.

The Adinata Award is given out annually to celebrate individuals or institutions in Singapore that promote understanding and good relations between the two countries.

Since 1992, SIF has worked with individuals and organisations in various parts of Indonesia, including in Bandung and Jakarta, on projects in healthcare, education, entrepreneurship, and arts and culture. These include initiatives to help train healthcare workers and special education practitioners in Indonesia.

In 2010, SIF started its Young Social Entrepreneurship programme, where participants from all over the world spend a short stint in Singapore to network, receive mentorship, and pitch for funding for their business ideas.

At least 10 social enterprises from Indonesia have each received up to $20,000 in funding to start or scale up their businesses focused on solving social challenges. These include projects that enhance access to digital healthcare and develop eco-friendly waste management solutions.

Mr Suryo said the embassy respects and appreciates people and organisations that contribute significantly to both countries.

He said: “The award also serves as a gentle reminder to keep on contributing further and inspire others to do the same to strengthen bilateral relations.”

Receiving the award on behalf of SIF was its chairman Ong Keng Yong, who said the organisation is thankful for the warm friendship and mutual cooperation between Singapore and its Indonesian partners.

Mr Ong, who is also Ambassador-at-Large at Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: “Not even travel restrictions could deter our gotong-royong spirit as both communities pivoted online during the pandemic to provide continued support to our beneficiaries.” Gotong-royong is a term originating from Indonesia and roughly translates to cooperation in a community.

This is the second time the embassy is giving out the Adinata Award. The inaugural award was given to Singapore’s investment company Temasek last year for its long-term investment in Indonesia.