SINGAPORE – About 35,000 teachers will get a pay hike of between 5 per cent and 10 per cent from Oct 1 as part of efforts to attract and retain talent. 

The pay increase will also apply to about 1,600 allied educators and 800 pre-school teachers in Ministry of Education (MOE) kindergartens.

In a statement on Tuesday (Aug 16), MOE said: “This is to ensure that their overall salary packages remain competitive, and so that MOE can continue to attract and retain good educators.” 

Salaries for teachers and allied educators were last reviewed in 2015. 

Starting salaries for teachers now range from $2,810 to $3,650, according to the MOE website. 

MOE on Tuesday also said it will create a new General Education Officer (GEO) 5A grade from 2023.

Officers who do not hold key personnel appointments like subject head or senior teacher and who perform well will be able to  progress to this grade and benefit from a higher salary ceiling.

Currently, teachers who do not hold such positions would typically continue as classroom teachers up to the GEO 5 grade, while those who hold key personnel appointments can be promoted to the Senior Education Officer (SEO) grades. 

From 2023, classroom teachers who meet the promotion criteria can progress to the new grade, which will be between GEO 5 and SEO 1 grades.

MOE will also from 2023 enhance a 30-year retention plan for teachers known as the Connect Plan, which gives payouts for those who remain in service for a certain number of years.

Under this scheme, MOE each year sets aside a quantum ranging from $3,200 to $8,320 for teachers, depending on their length of service.

Payouts comprising a proportion of the money accumulated are given out every three to five years during a teacher’s career.

To better support teachers in the earlier years of their career, MOE will raise the annual deposit quantum and payout ratio by about 20 per cent.