BANGKOK, Thailand – As AsiaPresswire expands into the high-growth Thailand PR market, Chief Strategy Officer Arron Wong outlines 6 unique considerations for press release distribution in the Land of Smiles versus neighboring APAC regions.

With internet and mobile adoption enabling Thailand startups to thrive across ecommerce, fintech and web services, earned media is growing ever more crucial for consumer engagement. “Yet we’ve found regional differences can impact campaign performance,” Wong explained.

Below he highlights 6 vital aspectsbrands should factor when distributing press releases specifically for Thai audiences:

1. Language Localization

While English reaches Thailand’s business sectors, native-Thai content drives 2X more visibility and engagement. Our GTP-PRHelper AI writing assistant instantly creates localized releases to capture interest.

2. Topic Selection

Thailand readers respond strongly to press releases personalized to local culture, covering dining awards, charity events and royal family news versus just product launches. We optimize topics to what resonates.

3. Tone & Style Nuances

Thai communication customs prize subtlety and indirectness. Our Thai editors finesse phrasing so releases better align with reader expectations.

4. Targeted Distribution Channels

Blanket blasting releases overlooks key Thai media outlets. We precision-target relevant beat reporters via 800+ Thai media partnerships for guaranteed pick-up.

5. Measurement Metrics

Vanity metrics like click-through rates are less meaningful in Thailand. Instead we track online/offline conversions, social buzz and content sharing for real ROI.

6. Omnichannel Amplification

While Thai influencer marketing is maturing, press releases still outperform for mass reach. We augment distribution with tailored social posting for omnichannel authority.

“These are just a few unique facets of Thai PR distribution that can impact results,” Wong commented. “With our local market expertise and commitment to understanding subtleties, AsiaPresswire is confident Thailand brands can gain quality visibility through our services.”

So far AsiaPresswire has distributed over 3,200 releases from Thailand technology, finance and ecommerce companies – averaging 420,000 monthly visitors and securing 750+ backlinks per client.

Wong also spotlighted their proprietary media database built over 12+ years. “We have direct access to 800+ Thai journalists, editors and publishers spanning TV, print, online, wires – enabling startups to earn high-authority placements and drive exponential growth.”

As part of AsiaPresswire’s Thailand launch, Wong encourages interested companies to request a custom media list analysis spotlighting the exact outlets and journalists covering their niche.

Visit AsiaPresswire online at to learn more about expert Thai press release distribution or call +662-598-5059 to speak with a Thailand PR specialist directly.

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