SINGAPORE – As Southeast Asia’s nearly 700 million consumers flock to gaming, developers face oversaturated app stores demanding creative user acquisition strategies. Yet complex, fragmented regional media landscapes often overwhelm marketing teams.

To simplify earning relevance, SeaPRwire – the leading press release platform in SEA – compiled 5 best practices for gaming companies to cut through noise via news distribution.

In an interview, James Scott, SeaPRwire’s Chief Strategy Officer, explained how their data platform and distribution network helps gaming brands strategically engage mobile-first audiences across different countries to drive downloads.

#1. Spotlight Localized Use Cases 

Generic announcements fall flat across this diverse region. Tailor press release topics to resonate in each market.

For example, showcase popular streamers or gameplay styles unique to each area – while conveying culturalization like language support.

#2. Align Campaigns to Events

Syncing news with major gaming tournaments like SEA Games or conferences like Gamescom Asia amplifies exposure.

Time product launches and partnerships to ride the coattails of these moments versus releasing in silos.

#3. Engage Macro Influencers

Big names drive hype but nano and micro gaming personalities better convert communities.

“Backing lesser known streamers and bloggers aligned to brand ethos nets authentic engagement cost effectively,” Scott said.

#4. Experiment Across Platforms

Console and PC gaming thrives in wealthier SEA cities but mobile penetration propels growth overall.

Test exposure across both traditional and endemic gaming outlets to see what sticks.

#5. Quantify Results

Vanity metrics like impressions distract. Monitor referral traffic, account signups and rank improvements relative to competing titles to continually optimize.

Gaming Client Success Highlights

SeaPRwire analyzed data from dozens of gaming clients over the past year confirming companies that follow these tips achieve up to 2x the pickup and engagement.

Several case studies showcase the impact:

l  Philippine publisher Ultra Level’s mobile RPG Avengers920 saw a 21% increase in App Store downloads within 2 weeks after issuing a press release through SeaPRwire announcing a collaboration with local esports team NXPE.

l  Singapore-based indie developer PixelBeam’s new Tower Builder title secured features in gaming review sites GameAxis and leading to a 12% boost in wishlists following SeaPRwire distribution. 

l  After issuing multiple releases highlighting Malaysian culturalization and influencer marketing surrounding the SEA Games, Malaysia-based publisher GoalHero saw iOS downloads climb 13% and Android installs rise 8% month-over-month.

“Rather than reinventing wheels, our framework leverages insights earned guiding regional gaming brands to emulate proven strategies,” concluded Scott. “Sustainable growth relies not just on great games but also efficient user discovery – we enable both.”

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