HONG KONG, Dec 12, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – InvesTech Holdings Limited (“InvesTech Holdings”; together with its subsidiaries, “the Group”; Stock Code: 1087.HK), a leading integrated smart-IT solutions provider in China, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Wafer Systems Limited (“Wafer Systems”), which owns the smart office software solutions flagship product Virsical, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NTT Communications China (“NTT Com China”), a subsidiary of Japan’s Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (“NTT”), to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of smart-office software as a service (“SaaS”). The cooperation agreement will encompass activities including product distribution, market promotion, technical resourcing and other mutually beneficial undertakings.

The Smart Office Management SaaS Service Platform is a smart operations and management platform self-developed by Wafer Systems, grounded in enterprises’ common office scenarios and which uses lightweight SaaS applications to meet enterprises’ operational and maintenance requirements in daily administrative management, including such functions as conference management, work station management and visitor management. Spatial visualisation maps and data report in all dimensions provided by the platform can help enterprises review their operating conditions visually, effectively support their decision-making upgrades, and assist them in reducing costs and boosting efficiency. Meanwhile, Wafer Systems’ powerful product matrix and research & development (“R&D”) capabilities can provide expansion capacity for products and scenarios benefiting from the deployment of the SaaS platform.

As a leading provider of smart office solutions in China, Wafer Systems has been deepening its achievements in the field of smart offices to meet enterprises’ needs in intelligent operations, employee health, collaborative efficiency, carbon emissions reduction, energy conservation and the user experience. The provision of integrated product matrix, its strong R&D capabilities, large customer base and extensive ecological cooperation network contribute to its core competitiveness.

NTT Com China is a wholly-owned business subsidiary of NTT, the largest telecommunications service provider in Japan. Focused on providing professional ICT solutions and services for multinational enterprises running businesses in China, NTT Com China has built a complete business line of communication systems, a leading-edge operations service system, substantial overseas resources, business integration capabilities, and comprehensive marketing channels within China and elsewhere. The co-launch of the Smart Office Management SaaS Service Platform by both parties is expected to give full play to their respective advantages and jointly build out the platform so that it caters for the full range of scenarios and products that make smart offices optimally operational in order to escort enterprises’ digital transformation.

Amid the continuous development of the digital economy and constant changes in the economic environment, digital transformation has become the only development path for traditional industries, and the use of digital enabling technology by enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency has become ubiquitous. Against this backdrop, Wafer Systems and NTT Com China have jointly reached a cooperation agreement to smooth the digital transformation journey for traditional enterprises and address their need to engage with cloud computing. Looking ahead, the two parties will continue to deepen their cooperation. As it comprehensively improves the customer experience and service innovation, the two parties strive to solve problems for enterprises in the cloud, and achieve joint contribution, collaboration and win-win outcomes.

About InvesTech Holdings Limited
InvesTech Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1087.HK) was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2010. As a leading integrated smart IT solutions provider with more than 30 years of experience in IT industry, the Group is principally engaged in IT infrastructure system integration and smart office software solutions businesses. The Group has strong presence in China, with more than 10 offices nationwide with a research and development centre in Xi’an.

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