• Widely recognised as a benchmark for volume reduction of cord blood processing, this FDA-cleared, functionally closed automated system allows for high recovery rate of mono-nuclear cells (MNCs) with greater safety and better quality, benefiting families storing their child’s cord blood.

Singapore, Mar 21, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Cryoviva Singapore, reputed to be among the top family cord stem cell banking companies in Southeast Asia, is making a significant upgrade to its cord blood processing capability with a switch to the AXP® II system.

The fully automated and programmable cell separation and recovery system, that allows for a fast and reproducible separation of cord blood in a sterile environment, reduces human error, accurate processing without damage to the cells and delivers consistent results. The AXP® II system, which has received both the CE mark and FDA 510K clearance, complies with good tissue practices (cGTP) and good manufacturing practices (cGMP). Globally, the system has already processed over a million cord blood units (CBU).

Designed to provide high-quality stem cell concentration from cord blood, the AXP® II system has demonstrated viable CD34+ stem cell recovery of >97% that is higher than most other known available systems. Moreover, CBUs processed with this system are seen to be richer in MNC than units that are conventionally processed with similar total nucleated cells (TNC).

“We are excited to be upgrading to the AXP® II system, which we believe provides the best outcomes for both our customers and us. Not only will our customers benefit from the quality and consistency of cord blood processing, but the system will also enhance the efficiency of our lab operations significantly with complete automation and software-driven tracking capabilities,” said Dr.Toh Keng Kiat, Medical Director.

“Cryoviva Singapore is committed to provide our customers with quality that is of the highest standard. Our upgrade to the AXP® II system is another investment towards that goal. The faster speed and efficiency accorded by the system’s capabilities will also improve our scalability and help us serve even more families. We will continue to invest in technologies and systems that will help us fulfil our mission to enable every family to discover the miracle of cord stem cells,” said Rajesh Nair, CEO of Cryoviva Singapore.

About Cryoviva Singapore

Established in 2014, Cryoviva Singapore (https://cryoviva.com.sg) is a reputed home-grown family cord blood bank in Singapore. The company is backed by reputed multinational investor organisations like RJ Corp, Indorama and MMI Singapore. The Cryoviva group has successfully stored over 160,000 umbilical cord blood units. Cryoviva Singapore’s cord blood storage facility is MoH-licensed, AABB accredited for both cord blood and cord tissue and ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certified. Cryoviva Singapore adheres to stringent processes and quality standards. Thanks to being centrally located and proximity to most major maternity hospitals in Singapore, cord blood samples reach its facilities very quickly and efficiently to ensure top quality maintenance upon storage.

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