BANGKOK, Thailand – As tourism rebounds post-pandemic, strategic communications are keys for Thailand hospitality brands to engage travelers and stand out in an increasingly competitive market. 

AsiaPresswire CSO Arron Wong shares 3 proven press release strategies to help hotel chains and entertainment venues increase visibility and website traffic – enabling faster growth regardless of marketing budgets.

Tactic #1: Align Messaging with Traveler Values 

Today’s travelers seek authentic local experiences going beyond hotels and flights. Brands should highlight unique architecture, personalized service, sustainability initiatives, and surrounding cultural attractions via press releases distributed directly into 700+ Thailand travel and lifestyle publications. 

Our GTP-PRHelper AI writing assistant crafts compelling narratives that resonate with modern traveler values – integrating brands seamlessly into trending Thailand tourism content.

Tactic #2: Spotlight Awards & Milestones 

Simply showcasing new room options often falls short. We advise hotels to leverage press releases around wider industry recognitions, safety certifications, expansion milestones and corporate events to earn guaranteed media pick-up from our 800+ Thailand media partners – amplifying reach exponentially.

Boutique resort XYZ achieved 380% more website traffic within 2 months by consistently sharing company updates and accolades through AsiaPresswire.

Tactic #3: Strategic Timing around Major Events

Aligning press release distribution with relevant happenings like the return of international arrivals, air route inaugurations, travel trade shows and festivals captures attention as timely news stories – increasing engagement and lead generation.

Our technology analyzes upcoming Thailand events to optimize press release timing for maximum ROI.

“While still recovering from COVID-19 impacts, Thailand tourism shows immense potential with traveler demand increasing steadily,” said Wong. “Leveraging AsiaPresswire’s unrivaled local media access and expertise, hotel brands can craft targeted communications campaigns to accelerate growth amidst the rebound.”

So far in 2023, AsiaPresswire has distributed over 1,500 releases from Thailand hospitality and entertainment companies – securing over 1 million monthly visitors and 950+ backlinks on average per client.

As part of the Thailand industry launch, interested firms can visit to request custom media lists highlighting relevant publications and explore press release distribution options.

About AsiaPresswire 

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