Seoul, Korea – 01/12/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Emma Healthcare Co., Ltd., a company specializing in digital healthcare based on advanced medical engineering technology, led by CEO Ryang-hee Sohn, has won the CES 2024 Innovation Award. This marks the third consecutive year of receiving the award, starting from 2022. CES, the world’s largest electronics trade show, is held annually in January in Las Vegas. Ahead of the exhibition, it awards the Innovation Award to products demonstrating outstanding technology and innovation.

Emma Healthcare will participating in CES 2024, held from January 9th (Tuesday) to 12th (Friday) in Las Vegas, USA (Booth #55347, Global Pavilion). Visitors to the CES exhibition booth can experience the “AI Baby Bassinet; Bebelucy” and the “Multi-Modal AI-based Digital Healthcare System,” both previous winners of the Innovation Award.

The “AI Baby Bassinet; Bebelucy,” a winner of the CES 2022 and 2023 Innovation Awards, was invented to improve the childcare environment in the era of low birth rates. It aids caregivers by maintaining the optimal childcare environment through infant health management and environmental monitoring. This IoT (Internet of Things) based baby bassinet applies video and audio recognition AI algorithms.

The company’s patented AI technology enables non-contact, safe monitoring of infants’ health without attaching sensors to the body. Through the Bebelucy dedicated application, caregivers can monitor not only the baby’s vital signs like heart rate, breathing rate, and stress index but also environmental information like temperature, humidity, and air quality around the bed. It communicates with home appliances (air purifiers, heaters/air conditioner, humidifiers, etc.) to maintain and control the optimal environment.

The AI voice recognition distinguishes the baby’s cries, laughter, and ambient noise. During sleep, if the baby cries, it plays the sound of a mother’s heartbeat and automatically activates a bouncing mode to help induce sleep. It also analyzes crying sounds to probabilistically differentiate between hunger and sleepiness, providing information to the caregiver.

The “Multi-Modal AI Care System,” which won the CES 2024 Innovation Award, reflects the growing interest in AI technology products due to increasing low birth rates and an aging population. The company developed the ‘Multi-Modal AI’ for real-time monitoring of the health status (HR, HRV, breathing, sleep patterns, stress levels) of babies and seniors using vision AI and voice recognition technology. This enhanced AI digital healthcare uses visual, auditory, and sensor data, different from earlier models, by adding emotion analysis through facial expression recognition and sleep pattern analysis through eye detection.

Especially, the company is developing an AI diagnostic and digital therapeutics integration system for the emotional and cognitive care of Alzheimer’s patients, utilizing this technology.

Currently, Emma Healthcare is undertaking various national research projects and striving to grow as a global company in the field of AI digital healthcare. The Global R&D project selected in December 2023, it is actively conducting joint research with ‘Lucid’ from Canada, who participated in the CES2024 AARP AgeTech Pavilion, for the development and service of a platform that integrates digital therapeutics by measuring Alzheimer’s patients’ emotional state, cognitive abilities through rPPG-based vital sensing, facial expression recognition, and EEG signal measurement. Discussions are underway with the University of Cambridge, Stanford University, and Harvard University for global R&D collaboration.

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