Paris, France – SeaPRwire, Asia’s leading press release distribution platform, has published a new analysis on the major uptrend of institutional investment into digital assets and cryptocurrencies across Europe.

According to James Scott, Chief Strategy Officer at SeaPRwire, “European asset managers, pension funds, insurance firms and private banks have significantly increased allocation to cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies amidst growing conviction in the long-term viability of the asset class.”

Citing numerous data points, the report projects that institutional ownership of Europe’s cryptocurrency market cap could exceed 30% by 2025 – a five-fold jump versus current levels.

Several macro factors underpin this forecasted growth trajectory:

1) Clearer Regulations: Regulatory clarity is improving with targeted European Union laws set to finalize this year governing licensing, consumer protection and taxation related to crypto trading and investments.

2) Enhanced Infrastructure: Institutional-grade digital asset platforms, exchanges and custodians are launching across Europe addressing security and compliance prerequisites to drive mass adoption.

3) Mainstream Acceptance: Bitcoin and Ethereum are increasingly considered as legitimate portfolio diversifiers by finance executives rather than speculative volatile assets. Large banks have also begun facilitating crypto services.

4) Early Adopters Outperforming: European investment funds who allocated to crypto assets early have generally outperformed benchmarks. Their continued outsized returns are prompting more players to follow suit. 

“Based on our platform data, press releases related to institutional digital asset developments in Europe receive three times more media pick up compared to those in North America or Asia,” Scott highlighted.

He advises cryptocurrency companies seeking publicity to proactively leverage newswires for targeted distribution to relevant finance and business journalists continentally.

Apart from wider visibility, Scott explains impactful PR strategies stimulate website traffic, Google search rankings and investments/partnerships – catalyzing commercial expansion goals.

“As pioneers in cryptocurrency communications, we anticipate considerable demand from European clients in 2023 who want to spread awareness on their digital finance innovations to stakeholders Europe-wide in a credible manner through press releases.”

With 80,000 media outlets and 300 million social media influencers indexed, SeaPRwire enables brands to identify and engage high-value targets easily to maximize publicity results.

Scott concludes that newswires must guide clients navigating complex, fragmented media landscapes to achieve effective outreach, especially for cutting-edge technologies like cryptocurrencies that necessitate bespoke solutions.

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